Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Bourne Supremacy

This is an earlier review by me on a different site

I saw the movie tonite. Its a very good movie. Ofcourse if you try to relate it to the novel with the same name you will find nothing similar and will be dissapointed. However if you go to see it as a movie buff, like yours truly, i am sure you will enjoy it. The story begins in Goa India ..... where jason bourne and his girlfriend own a shack on one of the beaches. He is still trying to figure out the dreams he gets about his first job as a treadtone operative. However, a russian businessman tries to cover up his past mistake of stealing 20 mil $ of the CIA money. They kill certain CIA agents and leave the calling card of bourne. The agency thinks he did it and try to track and pin him. At the same time the bad guys, the russian intelligence, unsuccessfully try to kill him. He then goes around trying to clear his name, avenge his girlfriend and get to know more of his past life. The themes and music of this movie is awesome and catchy. Some of teh scenes in Germany are great, especially when he goes to Berlin. The car chase scene is awesome and the fight scene between bourne and the guy who killed the treadstone head in the last movie, in the end , has been brilliantly choreographed. All in all its a good movie and worth a watch. You may need to pay attention at some times ..else you will not be able to link the parts .. In case you have trouble .. drop me a message maybe i will explain it to you . Personally i care a damn if the book has been adhered to or not, but i loved the movie. Can't wait for the release of teh final instalment .. The Bourne Ultimatum.



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