Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Old Movie .. Reposting a review i had written earlier

I saw Troy the day it was released. IT was a freaked awesome movie. The scenes were welll picturised and the fight scenes excellently choreographed. Following are some scenes i liked: The fight of Hector and Achillies, The rolling thunder ( burning hay balls ) , Attack without attacking i.e. use archers and the first fight of Achilles. The movie shows in a nutshell the events leading to the Trojan War and its aftermath. Personally i like ancient history especially European history. So i loved the movie. Having read a bit about the Trojan War from Homer's Illiad, i know the movie is a bit wrong at a few places. Especially the ending. However I am not complaining. the story is pretty typical .. guy loves girl, runs away, husband attacks and in the end alls well .. though not for the Trojans. The glaring mistake however, is that Agamemnon, the Mycenean king who attacks Troy, is not killed by the priestess of troy, or the Nice of the King, but by his own sons, after being locked in a tower, well thats how it goes, according to the Illiad. Picturusation is awesome. Music scores great. All in all i would give it a 80/100. Would love to see it again



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