Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Terminal

I saw Terminal Yesterday. The movie is awesome. Awesome comedy, with typical scenes at international airports. Tom Hanks plays the citizen of a fictitious counrty, who is forced to stay at the airport as there has been a coup in his country and the US no longer accepts it as a separate country and has invalidated his VISA. Because of his simple nature, basically his inability to understand english, the airport chief wnats him off the airport and his hair and gives him many ideas and all. The best part of the movie is the indian , mr. Gupta who is a runaway from madras. He is a janitor at the airport and gives in a brilliant performance. He is always sceptic and like any other indian, always speaks "ten times" more exagerating than it actually is. his last scene is good. The movie is good altogether. The last half hour is a bit of a boring drag but it is good none the less, a typical Speilberg pic. Also, Catherine Zita Jones is one hot MILF(pardon the expression). Throughout the movies Tom hanks does a good semi russian accent and good jokes. Even though he is telling the truth people think he is saying something else and bileve him to be a frequent flier..why..because he says " I stay here(at the airport) " .. which is true in a sense...



Blogger Rajiv Srinivasan said...

I thought the Terminal was one of Steven Spielbergs worst movies. I t did not make sense to me at all. The movie was long and boring. Tom Hanks was okay, again not great. Overall I rated 2 stars/ 5 for this movie.

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