Sunday, March 06, 2005

Black ( 4.5/5)

People may be knowing my taste for hindi movies. I still hold true the fact that they are all pathetic. However, after Lagaan and possibly Munnabhai, i guess this is one movie that i would reccommend people go see. It has been beautifully made. Though there are certain instances of "hamming", i would still say that all the cast has performed brilliantly. The story is pretty banal, nothing exceptional, but the way it has been portrayed, thats what makes it brilliant. The story begins when the McNelly family finds out that their eldest daughter is deaf, blind and possibly dunb. They try several doctors, but the eventual decission is that they send her to an institution for the blind. Thats when Mr. Sahay (Bachhan ) comes in. He is an old teacher who specializes in his own unique way to help the blind. He is called in. His methods are found to be very "medieval" by both the mom and the dad. However, mom thinks he can do it, and gives him the grace period which is the time for which the dad has gone to the business trip. From then on the story goes about his relationship with the kid. There are a few brilliantly shot scenes and dialogues. Like the one where she says "ma" to her mom after 7 years of silence, all the dialogues between the dad and Mr. sayaha and finally the graduation speech given in the end ( this speech actually got two tears in me eyes .. i know i am stunned too .. maybe i still have hope towards emotions .. though thats a different issue ). The movie goes, Sahaya gets alzhiemers disease, causing loss of memory and now its up to the student ( Michelle ) to teach the teacher (Sahaya) how he had taught her. I liked it a lot. Some people say iots melodramatic. I agree. You cant have people laughing in a movie touching such a topic. Initially i thought when people said this was Oscar meterial i thought they were just kidding, just like they claim that every other shahrukh movie is :P ... anyhows, i would reccommend his movie to everyone



Blogger Neha Rungta said...

I was awed by the movie until I found out that this was copied from "The Miracle Worker". Its based on Hellen Keller's life. Well atleast its a good adaptation. I don't think because of that reason it will win an Oscar. Lagaan was the best bet. Its was sports movie with the underdog winning.

1:27 PM  
Blogger Cross of Changes said...

yes true ,, its a mild adaptation of Hellen Kellars life. However, in the past, movies on people's lives have wo n oscars. Recently "A Beautiful mind" is an example. I said this movie would win an oscar, because, besides the minimal hamming, its pretty OK in the acting front. Also it has no unecessary melodramatic stuff. Also the scenes are fairly touchy and brilliantly pictured. However, all in all it was an awesome movie ..

Thanks for your comment

2:46 PM  
Blogger Neha Rungta said...

I agree with all that. The biggest thing in its favor it the slight Anglo Indian touch. Something a Western audience can emulate with. The Christian touch, the muted colors, the winter look stuff like that. Well heres hoping for the best.

7:01 PM  
Blogger Cross of Changes said...

Ummm i would not say that it has a western touch... i mean the mom was Polish was it ? or european... she wasnt a dumb yank. Same applies for Lagaan too, it was the poms...Though i agree on the color front, it was pretty sobre and sombre, with the theme of the movie. Infact a while back i had read an article on rediff about the camerawork for the movie. Since they wanted to have a sobre look, they had to actually use special lighting so that even though everything is black, there is stark visual contrast between everything.

Neha, you seem to have seen this movie fairly intently, i mean such analysis and all :D .... are ye a movie buff or something ? I do consider myself one but only fer english .. not the hindi ....


8:10 PM  
Blogger Neha Rungta said...

Well I am a pretty big movie buff. But most hindi movies I really balk at hindi movies these days. "Black" I thought was a landmark Indian movies. Well I see more of English movies, just cause its easier access. I loved Million Dollar Baby. Totally loved the ending. You should see it and blog it.

2:18 PM  
Blogger Cross of Changes said...

You "thought" Black was a landmark film .. i think it still is. Its way off the beaten track of crazy love triangles which mean crap. Also cmon yaar, the movie is good. It shows things as is. I had a look at the Miracle Worker. Infact, i think this one is better ( ofcrs the time frame is different .. but who cares .. even the movies of the early to late seventies from Hollywood beat the current bollywood movies hands both acting and technology)


P.S. : Read my other reviews too :D .......they really are nice ( talk about being concieted )

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