Sunday, March 06, 2005

Where's the party yaar

People, this movie is freaked awesome. I mean i was laughing through it all the time. I know its a bit far fetched how they have portrayed gujjus ( again ), but i still think it was in good humour. Its about a simpleton from gujarat who comes to Houston to pursue his masters. He has been told by the great Baba Bam Bam Bhole as to how he would meet the woman of his dreams. He bileves its true. Its typical, love after marriage, morning yoga, bath with the "lota", lots of hair oil, etc. the movie basically shows the tension between the ABCDs and the FOBs and the not so FOBs. something that really caught my attention was the soundtrack. It has the right songs at the right time. My favourite being the sequence when Kal Pen gets his friends for the "chaand chupa hai baadal mein ... " sequence. that scene was freaked funny. Its a funny movie if you take it in the right sense ... I loved it a lot. Also the names if the characters have been brilliantly thought of. This is only the third movie after American Desi and flavour, that i would reccomend , for this kind of a topic.



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