Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Nice Movie, TP Movie.. did not like it that much but i would say its ok. Since i had gone in my "Movie Spoiler" group, i enjoyed it. Was able to predict everything in the movie from the start. Though i must give it credit for having some good camera work and well choreographed fight sequences, well, atleast for Bollywood standards. The story is about how a mumbai top cop goes after a clever biker gang. Has high speed stuff, some mind blowing stunts ( them Rajnikanth types ). Rimi Sen though wasted, is extremely gorgeous. Cant say the same for Esha Deol though. The movie has brilliantly ripped stuff off Oceans Eleven, Matrix and The Fast and the Furious. The bikes are good, though i am not a biker guy, i am more of a car person. Well one way i relate to the movie, is that i too have a passion of driving fast, and invariably i do drive fast, expecially on the Mumbai Pune expressway, when in mumbai, or anywhere on the interstates, especially in Utah ...



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