Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Village

M Night Shyamalam does it again. He once again creates a simple movie, with so many suprises, it will make your head spin. I finally got to see the whole movie on DVD. Its been excellently made, and the imagery after digital mastering is brilliant. You see the dark life of a village in full color. The story is about a secluded village, the inhabitants of which live in constant fear of the creatures of the surrounding woods, the ones who must not be spoken of. Whenever the boundary is breached, the creatures come into the village and kill, or so the legend goes. A sort of disease seems to have hit the village and medicines are needed. The local boy Lucious Hunt (played by Joaquin Pheonix ) decides that he will cross the border to the nearby towns and come back with medicine. However, he is stabbed by Percy Noah (Adrian Brody), retarded man, who also likes the same blind girl Ivy ( excellently roled by Bryce Howard). However, the village elders will not have this, until the girls parent, and the chair of the elders, played by William Hurt decides to allow it. What happens next unfolds the whole story of the village and shows how come there exists a village such as this where all the people are happy, and kind and no money exists. There are many twists after this point. At one point the director makes you bileve something, only to have it turned around the next, and once again after. The movie has been so made that there are not real scary scenes in it, but due to the suspense created by the director, one cant but help to get scared, just by the sound of creaking woods. The actors and actresses all have acted brilliantly. The sound quality is good enough to build on the suspense. People who think the “climax” has been let down are wrong ad should see the movie for the true climax. I would recommend this as a movie to buy and keep with you to see whenever you want to see, how life was, a long long time ago, when there was no greed, but just innocence.


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