Sunday, October 30, 2005

Its all about love

This is one the most boring movies I have seen this year. My vote on the dud of the year goes to this one. Its a futuristic (set in 2021) love story (supposedly). Joaquin Phoenix and Claire Danes are residents of a world where people randomly just drop dead on the streets (the only explanation they give is, "its the heart"), the force of gravity just gives away (only in Uganda), there is a time of the night where the temperature hits absolute zero and all fresh water freezes, it starts snowing in New York in July, and you can die of simply loneliness. So there you are going thinking, maybe the movie is a doomsay kinda movie, maybe some cool unrealistic things to see. But here is the thing all the afore mentioned things just randomly appear in the movie. They have no relation to the story (even though its really hard to even find one) and all the things happening seem to be just distorted fragments put together. For the rest of the movie an evil empire has cloned Claire Daines who is famous skater. They have three more versions of her. So that when she stops skating they can still keep minting money. They want her dead and ofcourse Joaquin Phoenix is the hero and is going to save her. Well he does manage to save her from the villans but unable to save themselves. ( I think they wanted an escape from watching this terrible movie thats why they go into wilderness, they get lost and die). And believe me, I have made the plot sound more more interesting than the screenplay writers of the movie do.


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