Saturday, July 16, 2005

Batman Begins

I must say I went to this thinking that its just another batman movie. Well it turned out to be far better. In fact I would say this is by far the best batman movie to date. The characters in this movie have been aptly chosen. It’s a good thing the butler was changed. Michael Cain does an awesome job as Alfred. He has a good sense of humour, the perfect English accent and wry humour that’s there in the original character. Chritian Bale portrays the character of Bruce Wayne and batman like no one before. The movie looks more towards the beginning of the batman character and actually looks towards the dark side of his character rather than anything else. The story begins with how Bruce Wayne, a rich millionaire looses his parents and then decides to take on criminals in jail. Once he is far in the east ( cause he thinks that’s the only place where his name and money cannot follow him ) he is approached by the mysterious R’as Al Ghul, a leader of the mysterious clan of the Shadow Warriors. He trains Bruce to control his fears and fight like a true warrior. Bruce then comes back to crime infested Gotham and becomes the dark knight. With his trusted associate Alfred, and sprucing up a hidden cave below Wayne Manor, he becomes Batman. HE also has the aid of Mr. Fox, the head of the R&D division for Wayne Enterprise. Bruce now has to fend off the menacing Scarecrow ( who will soon become his nemesis ) as well as ensure that his families fortune is not taken away by his investors. In all the movie is great. The movie does show some gadgetry, but not anything insane and out of the world. The batmobile is more down to earth. His costume is also well made. I would not mind seeing this movie often, unlike the previous versions which seemed more “colorful”. I would recommend this movie to everyone.



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