Sunday, June 12, 2005


MISS IT ....Well, i generally dont do hindi films, but since i happened to see this one, i think i will review it too. The movie is a waste of directorial resources. Has he tried to make it a horror flick, a thriller, a mystery .. what is it. The director uses music in pointless scenes to scare people. The first couple of times it works. However, for the rest of the movie, atleast me for one was able to predict that scene where the music suddenly blares is not a horror scene but just something stupid. I mean, if the hero opens his eyes form the sleep, you will hear a loud music as though he has seen a ghost. In one scene you see a hand moving accross the face of the hero, you think somethign is going to happen, but its his own hand. I mean, i found it pathetic. The story is about a group of people who go to "Orbit National Park" for a vacation. Their car ( a LExus Land Cruiser fully equipped with GPS.. do they have that in India ? ). You will keep seeing the director build up suspense, but thats a just a moment. Nothing else. As slow as he builds it, the faster he looses it. He has things about bad luck, black color, black cat etc. Eventually they enter a forrest with a guide. One of the characters wants to hunt, but none of the others want to. I dont even know what to write about this patheic story any more. The actors are all wasted. You can see that some of the scenes and dialogues are straight out of Final Destination ( especially the last scene ). Some scene seem to come out of the movie Predator too. Vivek Oberoi has a role of a character that thinks he is the greatest, he keeps saying "..nahin to maar doonga .... ". And the worst part is that the character of John Abraham, uses that sentence to think that Oberoi did the murders, not knowing that the murders had begun much before they had come. The actresses are mere bimbettes, walking in the jungle in micro minis. And then out of nowhere comes Ajay Devgan a jungle bloke who is actually a ghost .... sorry i had to leak it .. You dont need to be Einstein to figure it out. I mean, the way he talks and stuff .. you will figure out .. its no biggie. I dont know why he took such a hopeless role. I mean, he is a much much better actor than this. Well what can i say, DONT SEE IT. Instead spend the money taking your date out for a snack. This movie wil just get on your nerves. It did on mine.



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