Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Kingdom of Heaven

Brilliant movie. good Acting and Politcally correct. I loved this movie. I am already a fan of history, so i really loved it, and also it seems most of the evnts have been shown in good light. The movie is about the first crussades by the christians against the Saracens. IT starts off with the dark truth about the protagonist Baliyan ( Bloom ) who then succeds his father to become the leader of his own little kingdom in the holy land. The king of Jerulsalem wants peace with the the Saracens, led by the legendry Salla-ud-din. However, some knights, from the order of the Templars, Guy de.. and Reynald de Chatlion, do not want peace. The story revolves around how when the king dies, Balian refises to become king because he wants t obe the ideal knight and serve his people. Eventually he is bound by his oath to protect the king and his people and hence he comes to the aid of Jerusalem when it is attacked by the Saracens, who after much harassing on part of the christians, attack. The seige is done with brilliant effects. The dialogue delivery, though at times being predictable, is still done well. The scenes seem to come straight off the Lord of the Rings, but they are more realistic, since this time it involves humans. Eventually the movie ends...with a truce, but it is said that the christians came again on a second crussade. Sallauddin being as humble and forgiving as he was was forced to take battle again ...



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