Friday, March 18, 2005

The Party

Ok folks, its official, i am in OLD MODE... This here is a movie which is very old, form the late 60s i think. IT stars the legendary Sir Peter Sellars. This movie was banned in India since the government claimed that it shows indians in bad light. Later the ban was revoked and it was then that the people realised that it was indeed an awesome movie. I must have seen this movie like more than a million times. Its about a small time indian actor Hurundi V. Bakshi ( Sellars ) who is aspiring to make it big in Hollywood. HE does the small roles of hench men and all. On his first assignment he lands up wearing rolexes in in movies set for the year 1800 and all. He also manages to blow up a million dollar set and still get invited to the biggest party in hollywood ( how ..see the movie yaar ). The movie is basically about how this is his first "Caviar" party and how he trues to fit in, still keeping his indian roots. He makes new friends in his simple manner. The part where he has to pee badly is awesome .. also the dining table sequence has been brilliantly shot, not to mention the part where the russians come to the party and spice it up, much to the grievance of the host, who only wants to have a smoke with his business associates and the hostess, who wants everything to be perfect. Its an awesome watch. Really funny. I reccommend this movie to everyone. The late sir Peter Sellars does a wonderful "typical" indian accent too ( like Apu from the Simpsons )..also his acting is phenomenal, keeping in his tradition to be a versatile actor from the Pink Panther series where he plays a bumbling French officer.



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