Thursday, March 17, 2005

Where Eagle's Dare

Yea ... i know this is a really old movie, but i saw it again .. recently ..for the hundreth or so time and i felt i should write something about it. The movie is one of the best world war II movies i have seen. Both Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood were awesome. The movie is about espionage and counter espionage. I will not tell what the movie is about because the very first scene itself, shows the plot in action. Though i will tell you , that , it is about the rescue of a british general who has been captured by the germans and held in a mountain fort, the only entry and exit for which is thourgh is a german military base camp. If that is not enough, to get to the castle you need to go by a trolley car, which is operated by the germans themselves. Also to make matters worse, a Gestapo ( Hitlers special Police ) officer is also curently stationed there. The story is about how the brits make a rescue team and save the general. There are a lot of plots, spies, counter plots and all. In the end the true german mole in the british command is identified. This is a brilliantly made movie, stunning scenes in the hills of Baveria, Germany. The mountains are completely snow capped. Though the escape does seem to be a bit stupendous, they do show how they plan it, so its not something out of the blue. Besides everyone, i would recommend this movie especially for those who like movies on the world wars. IT is definitely worth the 4$ rental from Block buster ( if you dont have the movie pass or netflix or any deal with you library or cable guy ). In fact, i have bought the movie :)



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