Sunday, April 10, 2005

Spanglish 5.0/10.0

Well this is the first serious Adam Sandler movie i have seen ( or so it seems serious ). It is also one in which i did not notice Rob Schneider anywhere in the movie. Paz Vega who plays the main role is awesome. She looks beutiful and also acts good. Well the movie is about how a daughter admires the role her mom has played in her life. It starts off when her father leaves them. Flor(Vega) and her daughter Christina move to the US from Mexico. Flor wants her daughter to be as mexican as ever and is very protective about her. She does not know english. However, she gets the job of a maid at the house of a successful restauraunter John( Sandler ) and his health estranged wife Deborah (Leoni). They live with two kids and their grandmom. The story is about how Jacks life keeps getting better and at the same time how his wife starts an extramrrital affair. The story also revolves around how deborah prefers christina over her own daughter bernice ( Steele). eventually i think the movie starts to roll on pointlessly and boringly. Personally i felt the movie was not upti the mark. It starts out trying to be comic but eventually becomes boring and litrally drags on. The ending is pretty abrupt. In a way it is good since after all its the story as being told by Christina as an Esssay to accompany her application to Princeton. Its a nice movie to start, but in the end looses track and ... personally i would say MISS IT.


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