Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The House of Flying Daggers

This is very colorful movie, with excellent picturizations and awesome action. It belongs in the genre of movies like "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" and "The Hero". The movie starts with a lot of political intrigue with the daughter of the dead rebel army's leader being captured by the goverment. A government's warrior frees and befriends her as part of a mission to find the new leader of the rebel army. The movies has a lot of twists and turns. The hunter becomes the hunted and things like that. The only problem with the movies is that it starts as a thriller with a lot of political warfare (a.k.a The Hero) but the movies ends totally as love story. For a movie with so many twists and turns the ending almost seems anti-climatic. It lacks a final punch, its like you miss the sense of closure. But it is a fairly decent movie, just don't expect a "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon". It keeps you entertained most of the time. I would give it three stars out of five (***).


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