Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Well this is a nice movie. Its a combingation of your Indiana Jones and National Treasure. It has a very typical setup. A hero, his funny sidekick, a beautiful damsel, a screaming boss and a villian who wants to destroy the world, though in this case, inadvertently destroy the world. Also throw in your corrupt businessman. The movie is about Macoghany, and his sideckick who salvage for a private company led by Willam H. Macy. They are on the search for the lost armoured ship from the american civil war. Some people say it never existed. However, he finds proof that it did and that it is stranded for 150 years in Mali in the Sahara desert. At the same time a doctor with the WHO ( Cruz ) also thinks that there is a plague coming from contaminated waters in Mali. Why the water is contaminated, the "businessman" will not say. Also there is a civil war in Mali and the main general is out to get our heros and the doctors, before they stumble on the truth about the plague. He does not know about the ship yet. Eventually they find the ship, and also use it to their advantage. The scenes in Africa are good, especially teh desert. The dunes look wonderful . Cruz is wasted. SHe has no "good" scenes in the movie. Also her english is far from decipherable. I would consider this to be your action adventure types. Though in the first 30 -40 minutes there is nothing. But after that when the action starts, besides a few pauses, there is complete action. The sequences are well shot. Also did i forget to mention that the protagonists are ex Army men too ... and they get hold of the plan just in time to realise that a little late from now .. and its doom for the world ...( where have i heard that before )



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