Sunday, May 22, 2005

Kya Kool Hai Hum

Well, i happened to see this movie tonigth with my friends. Well i thought at first that the movie will be stupid. At the start i was proved wrong, but finally i was proved right. The movie as such has no story. ITs pretty much a mix of many pictures, like Miss Congeniality, the famous scene from Psycho, even some of 40 Days and 40 Nigths. In the end, it leaves you frustrated. The start of the movie is nice. I enjoyed the dialogues, and the innuendos. However, after about 90 mins into the movie, you could here people shouting, when will the torture end. The last hour to hour and half is bad. The first one hour or so is good. In fact that what you should see. Some of the jokes are nice and some situatiosn created are good too. However, they only last for about an hour. The actors are Gay. The actresses seem good. However, the expressions of Isha Koppikar are pathetic. She does not know how to act. Also she has a not so good voice. If it was assumed for the role, or if it is actual, in the film, i did not like it. Neha Dhupia looks hot, however, she has a not so significant role. They even have a dance song picturised on Shoma Anand and Anupam Kher. Now that is not for teh faint hearted. I mean Shoma Anand was good looking, but that was 20 years ago. Right now only a "certain" class of people will like her. Anupam Kher keeps spitting out mindless crap. All in all the pic is pathetic. Its good in the first part, but its so bad in the second that it mitigates the good it does in the first. Infact, when i started it, in the first half i was saying "Lets see it again some time else" .. after one hour ... "man when will this get over " and finally " lets return the DVD tomorrow itself" lest, some one makes the mistake of restarting the movie .....



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