Saturday, May 21, 2005

Star Wars, Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Well its finally out. The final instalment of the Star Wars Saga is out and has lived up to its expectations. There are no surprises though, simply because we know what happens in the next episode. In fact, the last 30 mins of the movie can be simply considered to be the prelude to the initial trilogy. War has come to the galaxy, and senator Palpatine has been kidnapped by the evil droid general Grevious who is actually half man. Anakin and Obe Wan go to rescue him. however, Count Dooku show up and there is a fight. Eventually Anakin kills an unarmed Dooku, against the Jedi rules and goes one step closer to the dark side. In fact it is Palpatine, who eventually is the Sith Lord Sidious. The entire movie shows how Anakin is lured by power and love. To save his love, he thinks he needs more power. Ofcourse this is all Palpatines doing. Eventually Palpatine makes Anakin his new apprentice, Darth Vader, and gets the entire Jedi Council killed. Anakin also kills all the yound jedi in training. Finally there is a showdown between Anakin and Obe Wan, where anakin is left in pain and burnt body. Eventually, the emporer finds him and converts him to Darth Vader as we know him. The scenes have been wonderfully shot. There are more droids, more machines, more wars and more jedi. Infact the finale, shows the battle between yoda and the Emporer and Obe Wan and anakin. They have been wonderfully shot and choreographed. Also the war between Obe wan and general Sidious is nice.Infact visually, the whole picture has been made as a masterpiece of digital artistry. Eventually in the end Luke and Leah are born. Luke goes to his unlce and aunt on Tatooine. Leah joins her uncle in the rebels from Naboo. Yoda goes into exile, and obe wan goes to Tatooine to look over the boy. Also the emporer starts his work on the First Death Star.
In terms of acting, Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman are pathetic. Luckily anakin does not have anything to do, but be angry. Hayden fails at that. The scenes with hayden and natalie are the only negative point of the movie. We even get to see a lot more Wookies, than just Chewbacca in the initial trilogy. Scenes wise the movie is brilliantly shot too, be it space, or the fiery hell at Mustafar, the final battle scene between obe wan and anakin, or the space wars at the start of the movie. R2D2 also seems to have quite a significat role at the start, besides just beeping and clicking. If you are a Star Wars fan, you will love this movie. If you are not a fan, you will begin to like Star Wars. Also this kind of puts you up for the initial trilogy in case you missed it. So now the story is complete. We see a young anakin Skywalker, the hope of the jedi in the frist. We see him turn arrogant in the second, and take small steps towards the dark side with the killing of the sand people. In the third, he is fully corrupted and becomes Darth Vader. In the fourth, his son, Luke, aspires to become a jedi. In the fifth, Luke learns that Vader is his father. And finally in the sixth, he gets his father back onto the good side who then kills the emporer. Finally, in the seveth ( which is not going to be made ) Luke sets up the Jedi Academy to restart the Jedi order. What happens then on, only Mr. Lucas can tell....



Blogger Nicky said...

I'm a bit confused! Just how many parts are there to this movie? and which was this one?

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Blogger Cross of Changes said...

Well Nicky, heres the deal. The movies started out in the late seventies. The first Star Wars movie came out. That was actually the Fourth Episode in the series. Then came episode 5 and 6. Then once again the franchise was revived in 1999, as the phantom menace. That was episode one, though the fourth movie to come out. The came out episode two and three as the fifth and the sisxt movies. You can say that the last three in sequence are the prequel to the first three. Thers are in all 6 of them now as follows

Episode I - The phantom menace - Released 1999
Episode II - Attack of the Clones - Released 2002
Episode III - Revenge of the Sith - Released 2005
Episode IV - A new hope - Released 1977
Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back - Released 1980
Episode VI - the Return of the Jedi - Released 1983

They were released as episodes IV,V,VI,I,II,III


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