Sunday, June 12, 2005

Mr. And Mrs. Smith

Well this is a movie that one should see if he wants to just spend some time, maybe laughing. Its a nice movie, but i would say its a one time watch. Its not something i would watch multiple number of times. Also its one of those movies where the best parts of the movie are in the trailors. Yes, most of the good scenes are what we have been seeing over the past one month. However, it does have some funny dialogues. The story of the movie is nothing much. Mr Smith (Pitt) is a trained assasin and one of the best. He works for Company A. Mrs. Smith ( Joilie) is a trained assasin too, and works for another agency ... say Agency B. Both dont know their true identities. One thinks the other runs a construction company and the other is a stock solutions provider. However, on one of the missions, they identify each other and from there on hell breaks loose. Also, at this point let me make it clear that the move is a comedy and not a serious relationship issue movie or anything. The starting is funny and you should not miss it. Its when they go to the marriage counsellar. Thats where they say, in a way that makes the audience laugh a lot ( especially the two ladies beside me in the theater, it was like they found every dialogue in the movie funny ). How they met by chance over a mission in Bogota, five or six years ago, is a good "chance" meeting :P ... yeah its funn yat parts, but at times the movie does get a bit corny. I think the USP of the movie are Brad Pitt and Angelina Joile ( Brangelina as the american media puts them as ) . The film has no story. Vince Vaughn is wasted as Pitts friend, though his dialogue delivery is awesome. You can be sure that you will find every sentence he says funny. Brad pitt is nice, though he has nothing much to do. Angelina Jolie looks hot, yet again. She does he role well, and when she is there on the screen, i dont think any male in the auditorium, was nothing anything else. Its a one time watch. Go as a couple. you will enjoy more. However, once again, keep in mind, its not a film on the battle of the sexes, though some scenes will make you think so.



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