Sunday, June 12, 2005

D, The Company

Well i dont know if i got the name of the movie right. Is it just "D" or "D, The Company". In any case its the third installment of Ram Gopal Verma, glorifying the underworld. It seems to me like just another underworld movie, though some people say its like the story of Dawood Ibrahim. They have showed him wearing the same type of clothes, and also the trademark glasses. The story is about Dishu ( Hooda ) who works in Dubai and has to come to Mumbai due to the death of his parents. Jobless at the moment, he sees a few people from the underworld, killing a man in front of him and escaping with it. He then decides to get into it. The rest of the movie is how he rises from a mere hitman to a big Don. He also falls for an actress when he goes to take "care" of the hero of the film. He prospers well, enough to make the kids of the head Don uncomfortable. They have him sent to Gujrat, where he prospers again. This does not go well. They have his best friend killed ( Chunky Pandey afte a long long time ). Eventually he kills all of them and becomes the head Don. Thats where the movie ends. The plus point of the movie is that its a short film with no obnixious songs. However, it seems too flimsical. I dont know, it may have happened, but glorifying it in the way Mr Verma has, does not make any sense to me. What has he tried to prove ? everyone knows whats going on. The actors have acted well. But for some reason i did not like the movie at all. Isha Kopikar has acted well in this film for a change, even though it is not good by any standards, though it may be good from her other roles. Its relative. I think the hype that was made before the movie, will be its USP. I dont see anything else. Mr. Verma, i like your movies, i am sure you can do better. Change your theme .Enough underworld stuff. I say quit your new idea of glorifying the ladies behind the dons as the base of your future films and think up something better, else I will stop seeing it. Satya, whatever it was, was enough for me



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