Sunday, June 12, 2005

Counterview: 'D'

The overview of the story is very well laid out by Priyavrat. To me this movie is more like a prequel to "Company". At the start of Company, Ajay Devgan severs ties from his ailing mentor and takes over the gang. "D" ends up with a similar story. You can imagine his "moll" becoming something like Manisha Koirala. It is another gangster movie. The novelty has gone from these movies. We have had Satya, Company, Ab Tak Chappan. I think there are a few plus points of the movie. There is lot of unsaid -- "note there is a acute lack of dailogue in the movie" that comes off beautifully. A few dailouges and then we see the characters talking with background music. THere is a sense of reality to the movie. Starting from the chawl where Randeep witnesses the killing. Ram Gopal Varma doesn't sugar coat anything. Another part was the story is very focussed. Its not a very long film and the movie is about Deshu's rise to becoming the Don. There is no altercation with the police, there is a little bit about politicians but not too much. I think that whats makes this movie watchable. Its the factor that story doesn't deviate into insignificant subplots. I think Randeep as an actor is a good find. Chunkey Pandey's role was very similar to Bhikhu Mahtre played by Manoj Bajpai.

I would call it an average movie. Give it 2 and half stars. See it if you like the underworld kind of movies.


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