Sunday, October 23, 2005


Well the movie is finally out. The game that revolutionised the single player combat sport in the mid nineties, and also the gore that follows the mauling, is out as a movie. It was sometime aorund 94-95 that iDSoftware came out with the revolutionary Doom platform. People immediately took a liking for it, and after that scores of such games and genres have come out, the latest being Quake IV. In fact I have been having weekly LAN parties, where we have been playing a lot of Quake III Arena. Now about the movie. The movie is good enough for a video game. I mean, which video games of the past had any meaningful story. Even then, the movie does have a hint of a story in it. The makers have done a good job with that. IT starts of with a containment breach at the Olduvai Research facility on Mars in the near future. Genetic experiments have led to people becoming zombies and dead. The Rapid Response team is called up to Quarantine the situation. The movie is basically how they take care of the situation. The movie has a lot of good effects and guns. The BFG, “Bio Force Gun”, or known to the gaming world, and myself, as The “Big F***** Gun” is shown in the movie too, but I think they could have shown it better than they did. In terms of acting, everyone does an ok job. Nothing great. I mean, what’s there to act, if you just have to blow down the zombies that are out to get you. They have tried to recreate the original game play and they have done a great job. In fact there is about 5 mins in the movie, where the camera is on the actor as he moves and mauls down the zombies. It looks as though you are in the game. That was my favorite part of the movie. I would go to this one, only if you are gamer, or like violence and gore, cause let me tell you, there is plenty of that in this movie. IT GAME TIME!!!!



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