Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Phantom of the Opera

An out and out Bollywood story. The young lovers who want to be togther. The villian in love with the girl, trying everything in his power to get her. The flashback is in color and the current day is shown in black and white. I think that is pretty interesting. The lead girl Emmy Rossum is very pretty and a beautiful voice. She fits the role of Christine very well. Minnie Driver as Charolata is hilarious. The movies begins in flashback with Christine, an orphan singing in the Paris Opera House. One of the mentors of the opera house Raoul is Christine's childhood sweetheart. They fall in love all over again. But there is a phantom that haunts the opera house. People die, bad things happen if the directives of the phantom are not followed. He has also been the secret teacher who has taught Christine music and trained her wonderfully. He starts to get protective and jealous when she starts loving Raoul. Slowly the story is revealed that he is not really a Phantom but is a human in flesh and blood. I loved the movie. This was my first exposure to the Phantom of the Opera. But then I always loved musicals like Evita and Chicago. The music is very nice with the stamp of Andrew Lloyd Weber all over the place.


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