Saturday, July 30, 2005


I dont know what to say about this picture. It seems all hifi and all, but in the end its a pathetic movie, only showing how the brash the US is when it comes to following intl. borders. Its about how three pilots in the future are hired to fly special aircrafts. They are then responsible to teach an aircraft that has been built to fight unmanned. Its actually pathetic. I dont know why Jamie Foxx has acted in it. He is there for but the first half. There are no memorable scenes or dialogues. Totally bland movie. No good effects nothing. I dont know. I think you can gove it a miss. The actors and actresses have no good acting skills, not even Foxx. They think they can invide any country and attack it, carelessly. I did not like it ... and rightfully the theater was empty first day first show.



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