Saturday, July 16, 2005

Fantastic Four

IT’S CLOBBERING TIME !!!!!.. The line all kids who saw the series know by heart. Though I am not a kid, but I did see it … so I know of it. Its one of the Marvel Comics series that really took off. Its about 4 astronauts, who get hit by space radiation and get special powers. Mr. Fantastic, the leader, gets special elastic powers, whereby he becomes elastic and can stretch to any lengths and dimensions. Invisible girl or Mrs. Fantastic, has special invisible powers, and force field abilities whereby which she can turn invisible and build force fields around whatever she pleases. Then there is the Human Torch who can control fire. Finally The Thing, who is made up of stone and as the human torch puts it, the mascot of the group. The movie is nothing great on the story. You have your menacing Dr. Doom who is out to get them and the city and in the end the heroes save the day. There are however some comic ( by this I mean funny ) moments on the movie. For instance the continuous mischief between the thing and the human torch and the dialogues between them are sometimes funny. Also the scene where the invisible girl is asked to become invisible and then shed her clothes is pretty funny. When she is down to her bare essentials, she becomes visible again. Jessica Alba looks her usual normal self. Yes I did not find her looking good at all. The characters playing Ben Grimm and Jonny Storm were awesome. They almost seemed like the real things in the cartoon. I would say this movie is a one time watch. Nothing great. I mean you should not expect anything but good graphics from such movies. Expecting anything else would be fool hardy. I liked it enough to recommend it.



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