Sunday, July 17, 2005

Wedding Crashers

This is an awesome movie. I was laughing rigth through the movie. There were hardly any scenes where someone in the audience is not laughing. It not only has excellent dialogues, but also awesome execution of them. Vince Vaughn is the best. He seems to talk the way he does naturally. He seems to act the way he acts naturally. Oven Wilson is also not far behind. The story is about two guys who crash weddings just to get the women. However, in one of the weddings, one falls for a woman and the other gets a woman to go after him, or so it seems. Then the story is a typical film, of how one tries to avoid her and one tries to get her from the fiance'. The movie is faulry predictable. Its just that its been brilliantly acted and screened. I was completely crazy about the dialogues. I enjoyed every moment of the movies. The actresses were nothing great, but they did well. Christopher Walken, once again has a small role but he does that to perfection. I would reccomend everyone to watch this movie. Its hilarious, worth the dollars you are spending. You will definitely come out laughing.



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