Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Up and Down (Horem Padem)

This is a Czech film. Here is the thing I know about most European films. Most Hollywood movies start with a story, slowly build to a climax and bring it to an end. European movies don't have that. Most of the times there is no sense of closure to the movies. Its supposed to be more realistic, like life goes on and things like that. This movie is a fun one though. Just see it with the right expectation : Don't expect the Hollywood cliches. The story starts with a couple of crooks transporting a bunch of illegal immigrants across the border (Indians actually). There is a misunderstanding and a baby gets left behind in the truck. The way the film starts is pretty funny. The crooks are making some inane conversation at a gas station about battered and fried bat :S. Its just funny the way it is potrayed. The second story is about a couple who can't have a baby, and they can't adopt a child because the husband has a federal record. He was arrested for rioting in a scoccer match. The wife instictively steals other people's babies. So when she hears there is an abondaned baby she clears her savings and buys the baby. The have to be extremely careful and not take the baby out otherwise people would know something is wrong. Even though these two stories start first they are not the integral story. The main story is about a family a man and his wife seperated for a long time, and an estranged son who lives in Australia. He has a 18 year old daughter from his mistress. I am not going to give out the rest of the story since its the crux of the movie. There are many sub-plots in the movie, some that are relevant and other that are not. I guess you could say thats real life, but sometimes you get bored if they drag too long. The humor of hte movie is dark and funny; I don't think the drama is so exciting. But the moment that really gets you is when the son returns to his wife and son in Australia. It explains a few things about the complexity of his relationship with his parents. This is a good change from the regular Hollywood fare. I would say this movie is a good experiment to vary the flavor.


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